All prices below include fishing gear for each angler.Each angler will be supplied with rod n reels, lures, rigs, and tackle. Bait is an extra cost on all trips.

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Trip Time: 8 hours - All Day Trip

Anglers    Charter Fee 6 anglers    $700.

Over 6 - Each additional angler    $70. per person over 6 anglers

Trip Time: 6 hours - Half Day Trip

6 anglers    $550.

Over 6 - Each additional angler    $70. per person over 6 anglers

A deposit of $200. is required for all trips. 
All gear is provided except bait. 
Bait is an extra cost.

Special Fishing Guidelines NO BANANAS
** Another important item that you should NEVER bring on the charter boat is a banana. No bananas, no banana pudding, no banana gum, no banana cake, no banana sandwiches, not even banana boat suntan lotion. If it says banana or smells of bananas then leave it at the house. 

OK, there is a good reason for the NO BANANA rule. It is considered VERY bad luck to have a banana on board a ship or fishing vessel. Many Captain's take this superstition very seriously and really do forbid bananas on the boat.

Put it this way - If you do bring a banana on a charter boat and the fishing turns out to be bad, all your buddies, the crew, and Captain are going to blame you for ruining the
days fishing. Obviously if you do sneak a banana on board and get caught you will still be allowed to fish as normal, but you might find yourself on the bad end of some unwanted razzing by your fellow anglers.

Here is a NO BANANA quote from Proud Mary Charters: No Bananas on the Charter Boats. You may bring your favorite bottom fishing rod, but please NO BANANAS, no trolling rods or tackle boxes, we have all the rods and tackle you will ever need. It may be an old wives tale, but it's a fact that Bananas are bad Luck on a fishing charter boat. History tells us that this tale originated from early years when boats with Bananas in the cargo, ran aground, got lost at sea, or lost many of their crew members to a deadly sickness. Further investigation indicated that the bananas were prone carry to the deadly tarantula spiders.

 Today, I believe the bananas are safe, but just to make sure that we have great day on the bay, let's leave the bananas home. Proud Mary Charters

Charter Rates

Important: If a cancellation is necessary after the 14 days then a final decision is subject to captains discretion of a refund or rescheduling your trip to another day.  All our captains work with you as their customer to reschedule your trip is necessary.Refunds will be given for cancellations 14 days prior to trip, all except a 32.00 processing fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable regardless of time or date of cancelling your booked trip.

Deposit Required to reserve all trips. Deposit amount is $200.00

NOTE: Box lunches are available at $15.00 each if ordered before the charter!

NOTE: Mates work for tips. The duties of first mates are very demanding day in and day out with no vacation days. If the weather is good these guys are working and their responsibilities begin before anglers ever arrive to the boat and continue with boat work long after your fishing day has ended. A tip of 20% is the customary amount to say thanks for a job well done. 

Be Generous - Tip Your Mate Well!