What to Bring

When you go fishing on the Chesapeake Bay or anywhere for that matter there are a few things that you should bring to make yourself as comfortable as possible on the charter boat. Once you are on the Bay or once you reach your fishing grounds there is no going back if you happen to forget something important.Chesapeake Bay charter fishing, especially in the middle of summer can get very hot and you should have the proper items to combat the heat. We have made a detailed list of what you should bring on your Chesapeake Beach charter fishing trip from some quality sunscreen to fishing caps for you anglers that may be thinning on top a bit.

A food, drink and fish cooler:
Bring a cooler for food and drinks. Ask your charter captain how large of a cooler you will need to carry your fish home in.

A sports bag is a good idea to bring for carrying your rain gear, hat, glasses etc and other personal items that you need on a Chesapeake Bay charter fishing trip.

Bring chicken, subs, and sandwiches or whatever you want to eat.
Bring your drinks.                                   Ask the Captain if he allows beer.

Foul weather gear - Optional
If you will be fishing in foul or rainy weather,  you may want to bring some gear to keep you dry. Not as important on boats with covers.

Bring sun glasses. Preferably polarized fishing glasses to lessen the sun's glare that reflects up off the water.

Bring a camera to take snapshots of those big fish you catch or video of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay sights.

A hat or ball cap is a good idea, especially for you guys that are getting a bit thin on top. Protect your head from burning.

 If you get sea sick or aren't sure if you get sea sick then it is a very wise idea to take your Dramamine before you leave the dock. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip worse than a guy named "RALPH". Even the Maryland Chesapeake Bay region can get very hot during the summer.

Make sure you bring sunscreen, especially if you burn easy. If you are burnt up you can't enjoy your Chesapeake Bay charter fishing trip.​ 

You probably already paid for the trip but you should make sure you have some cash in pocket so you can Tip the First Mate. Being Mate on a charter boat is not easy work and these guys deserve every dime they get.                 Tip them well!​

There are other things to keep in mind like the type of shoes you should wear. Shoes should be boat shoes if possible like a pair of topsiders or dockers. If you don't wear boat shoes then a regular pair of tennis shoes is just fine. Shoes that would not work well for you on a charter boat would be hard soled shoes like dress

The deck can become slippery at times and soft shoes grip better.You may bring your special bottom fishing rod but the charter boats will supply all tackle, rods, and reels. That means you do not have to bring this gear. No trolling rods, no surf casting rods, no tackle boxes or tackle. 

Be on time for your Chesapeake Beach fishing trip. Once you know your particular fish time please be sure to arrive on time if not a few minutes early.